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The Popularity of Lip Injections

Lip injections are huge right now! More people than ever are going under the needle for a plumper, perkier set of lips. It's trending upward everywhere, not just the big cities like NYC and LA — interest in lip augmentation across the nation is surging.

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Intrigue over lip injections keeps growing, says the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. A record number of people underwent lip augmentation procedures in 2015. This is the same year that Kylie Jenner started talking about the procedure. Coincidence? We think not.

If you want the filler to be noticeable right away, that look can certainly be achieved. If you'd prefer a more gradual approach, then a series of appointments will slowly take you towards your goal.

If ever you're unhappy or decide it's no longer for you, you can come back in an have it dissolved. Fillers aren't forever. They require maintenance. But all the fillers people use now— Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm — are hyaluronic-acid-based so they all can dissolve with hyaluronidase. This is an enzyme that melts away hyaluronic acid rapidly and safely.

Live in Ithaca, Cortland, Binghamton or the surrounding areas of Upstate New York? Book an appointment with Suzanne at the location that's most convenient for you. We service all the local colleges including Cornell University, Ithaca College, Binghamton University, SUNY Cortland and beyond.

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