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Circumferential Reduction

Take The Weight Off

Are you unhappy with your body’s silhouette? Do you have excess fat that you just can't seem to get rid of? Since diet and exercise don’t always do the trick, circumference reduction and body contouring is the answer.

Age, genetics and lifestyle are all critical factors that affect that way we look. As we age, the body’s metabolism slows down, we store more food, and it becomes difficult to get rid of unwanted fat. Diet and exercise are solutions and important factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle but they do not target specific problem areas.


Venus Legacy™ combines two of the most successful treatments into one very effective treatment. The risk-free treatment consists of an exclusive combination of magnetic pulses and radio frequency. By increasing tissue temperature, hormone activity is enhanced, and triglycerides located in the fat cells are broken down and fatty acids freed from the fat cells. In this way, volume can be reduced, producing circumferential reduction. 

Circumferental Reduction Circumference Reduce Body Contouring Shaping Target Trouble Fat Deposits

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