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Suzanne Wilson, NP-C

Suzanne Wilson, NP-C Skin2Soul

Owner Skin2Soul

Hello!  My name is Suzanne Wilson, and I'm a nationally board-certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Health and have years of experience in aesthetic medicine.  I'm proud to bring you my practice, Skin2Soul, providing anti-aging treatments in a professional and confidential setting.  I understand and respect the privileged position it is to work closely with you to achieve your desired look.  All of Skin2Soul’s aesthetic products are medical grade, FDA-approved and purchased directly from their specific manufacturer.

  • Master of Science in Nursing | SUNY Upstate Medical University

  • Licensed New York State Nurse Practitioner in Family Health

  • Nationally Board Certified | American Academy of Nurse Practitioners

  • Licensed New York State Registered Nurse

I was born and raised in Dryden NY.  After traveling the country in a traveling nurse program, I came back to the Ithaca/Cortland area and had a profound sense of "this is where I belong."  I married and raised my children in this lovely upstate NY area.  

I have held many nursing positions from Medical Surgical units, ICU, special care nursery, Cornell University Health Services, and Emergency Departments, gaining a well-rounded understanding of the profession. Wanting to learn more I returned to school to get my advanced degree.  

After practicing as a Family Nurse Practitioner I took a position in a Medical Spa.  I found my calling -  I love the work!  It's where art and science come together almost instantly.  But after a few years of performing aesthetic medicine I began to worry that I was not giving back to the “medical world.”  I took a job back in an Emergency and Urgent Care setting.  It did not take me long to realize I missed that BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY work.

It's in my nature to seek out new growth in combination with  my background I have developed a unique skill set:  The ability to embrace each human being as the individual they are, to see what nature has intended, and to reawaken and reclaim what age and gravity is taking. The ability to establish reasonable expectations and better match and connect your aging appearance with your inner youthful essence.  The gift of understanding the power of age (brains) and  beauty. I want to be on the cutting edge yet safe within my practice.

Aesthetic Medicine is an area of medicine that is highly scientific.  It feeds my innovative and creative nature.  It's an area of medicine that is advancing every day.  There is always something to be learned, to deepen my knowledge and understanding and make a great difference in my patients’ health, wellbeing, confidence and dignity. Knowledge combined with experience results in wisdom.  Wisdom is gained over years.  Years take volume from your face and confidence from your soul.  We stand against premature death, disease and sickness.  I stand against volume loss and the aging appearance.

We'd love to meet you! Let's get you scheduled.

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