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Maintain Your Results

After you’ve invested in your new look, be sure to protect your investment and enjoy your results for years to come. All it takes is a few sessions to keep aesthetic results you've dreamed of.

No one likes the wrinkles, brown spots, broken capillaries and other signs that mark the passage of the years.


That's why we buy lotions, serums and creams, try facials, scrubs and peels. All to what end? Well, we want our skin to look radiant and glowing, but more importantly, to age more slowly and look younger.

You can do treatments which not only slow down skin aging, but when patients did 2-4 treatments per year over 10 years, at the end of the study period, they looked younger than when they started. If you started at age 50, on average when you hit your 60th birthday, you looked 48. This isn’t just in pictures. The skin was healthier on biopsy, with more collagen, less inflammation and damage and the genes which are turned on when we’re young getting turned back on.

Circumferental Reduction Circumference Reduce Body Contouring Shaping Target Trouble Fat Deposits

Count you in? Let's get you scheduled.

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