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Lip Injection 101: What To Expect When Receiving Lip Filler

In 2021 lip injections seem to be the new hype, but not everyone wants to look like they have had their lips done. Some prefer a softer, more supple pout. Getting your lips done doesn’t have to result in an unnatural appearance and it doesn't have to be painful. Here at Skin2Soul we love to enhance your natural beauty, helping you achieve fuller, more luscious lips.

Everyone’s lip injection experience is different. For some, treatment of the lips can be quite a painful experience and for others not so much. Before any injection is performed we take multiple steps to ensure your lip injection experience is as comfortable and as pleasant as possible. Topical numbing is applied to soften the “pinchy” feeling that is often associated with injecting such a sensitive area. Each and every one of our dermal filler options contains a numbing agent, ensuring your experience is as enjoyable as possible.This, in combination with applying ice to each injection site, will help limit the risks of swelling and bruising. For anyone who has a limited pain tolerance, we don't stop there! Our injector and NP, Suzanne Wilson, can inject Lidocaine, a numbing agent, into your buccal cheek (like at the dentist) to ensure that your discomfort is limited for the best experience imaginable!

All of our dermal filler options are water loving. This means that over the next few weeks your results will keep getting better and better. What you see right after the treatment is performed is just the tip of the iceberg! We encourage you to not love or hate your results until 2 weeks after the initial injection has been performed. Bruising, swelling, lumps and bumps are all expected after your procedure. When you leave the office the day of your treatment, you will feel as if your lips are swollen and that they are noticeably treated. There is a process after receiving filler that your skin will have to go through before reaching its final result. As with all injections your skin needs time to recover. Redness, bruising, swelling, lumps and bumps are usually minimal and can be quite common. They will diminish over time, leaving you with a soft and supple pout. Trust the process!

Dermal filler longevity is dependent on your desired outcome. Most often we recommend re- treating every 9-12 months. With injections around the mouth specifically, it is more common for your body to metabolize the product at a much faster rate due to the constant movement of expression, talking and chewing. If you would like to maintain the fullness of the initial injection results, we recommend returning every 4-6 months for treatment.


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