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The Benefits of Neurotoxins In Combination With Medical Grade Cosmeceuticals

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

The benefits of a neurotoxin don’t just end once your treatment has been performed. In order to maintain your results from each treatment, medical grade skincare is essential. Creating a balanced skincare regime with high potency ingredients will keep your skin nourished for a soft and supple appearance that will have everyone wondering what you did!

Getting a neurotoxin is not the end all be all. While this is the best way to soften deep set lines and smooth out the appearance of the skin, there is always more work to be done, all of which can be done in the comfort of your own home. The most effective way to prolong your beautiful results that you receive in our office is to continue to treat topically with high potency ingredients. The ingredients in high quality skincare iis able to increase your cell turnover rate and slough off all of that old skin, dirt and debris. Glowing skin is always in!

What is the main difference between medical grade skincare products and products that you purchase over the counter or at your local pharmacy? The answer is simple, potency and efficacy. Oftentimes, products that you find at the drugstore or at your local beauty supply store use a less potent form of ingredient. Medical grade cosmeceuticals contain ingredients that are more effective and proven to be more concentrated. This enables them to penetrate the top layer of the skin for results that will significantly improve imperfections and prolong the need for more advanced treatments later down the line. Love the skin you're in!

Where you purchase your skincare products is just as important as where you receive your cosmetic medical procedure. Here at Skin2Soul we offer nothing but the utmost quality of medical grade skincare. We single handedly choose every product that is on our shelves to ensure our patients are pampering their skin with the best of ingredients. Specifically selecting your skincare products helps you to create and customize a routine to target each and every one of your skin care concerns, leaving you with nothing but the best of skin!


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