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Knock Out Imperfections

You've been hitting the gym hard in 2018, but has your skin taken a pounding too? What kind of routine do you have? You do have a routine, don't you? Whether you do or you don't, now is the perfect time to get healthy glowing skin. And we can get you on track with a routine built for your skin too.

Venus Viva Skin Treatment Imperfections Scarring Wrinkle Reduction

Reduce acne scarring and deep wrinkle reduction with Venus Viva treatments. Tighten the skin, decrease visible pores, reduce acne scarring, and even out skin pigment for a clearer, more youthful complexion.

Safe, fast, and effective -- why try anything else?

Skin2Soul MedSpa & Anti-aging Treatments is conveniently located in Ithaca, Cortland and Binghamton with all of our services available at each. Suzanne is waiting to meet you and create your personalized treatment plan. Book your appointment today!

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