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July is Hyperpigmentation/ Melasma Awareness Month

What is hyperpigmentation and just what is melasma? What preventative measures can you take so ensure your skin stays in tip top shape, all summer long? Summer is finally here and now, more so than ever, it is so important that you are protecting the skin you are in. Here are our tips and tricks to slay hyperpigmentation and melasma, to leave your skin with a glow that will last a lifetime.

First things first; what is melasma? Melasma is a condition in which brown patches appear on the skin due to hormonal changes and/or from sun exposure. Melasma is very common among people of all ages and can be treated in a number of ways. Melasma can be targeted topically with a potent brightening agent or through other modalities such as IPL laser treatments. Here at Skin2Soul, we offer products and services that will fit each and every one of our patients needs. Not to worry, your skin is in good hands!

Melasma doesn’t appear overnight, Melasma or hyperpigmentation can take years to reach the surface of your skin. Once it is there, it can be quite stubborn to get rid of. Taking preventative measures will not only ensure your skins health but also your skins appearance. The most important measure you can take is sunscreen. Throughout the year our skin is constantly being exposed to harmful UV rays. Those harmful rays can reach your skin through clear window glass, that casual walk to the coffee shop and even during the colder months, when it feels like the sun has not been out in months. Wearing an SPF of at least 30, daily will ensure that you are doing your part so Melasma as well as potential skin cancers stay free and clear of your beautiful complexion. Don’t forget to reapply! This is a step that is often missed, but is so important! When the sun is out, wearing a wide brim hat and sunglasses as well as sunscreen will make certain that your skin does not burn and future Melasma/hyperpigmentation will never reach your skin.

Fun fact; when your skin is being exposed to the sun, you do not have to receive a sunburn in order for your skin to be affected. Even if after being in the sun all day long and the only thing you walk away with is a beautiful tan, your skin is still likely to be damaged. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. When you are out in the sun without SPF, your skin goes unprotected causing damage that is promised to lead to an acceleration of aging, risk of sun cancer as well as hyperpigmentation/ melasma. Your skin is darkening by a means of protection. So don’t skip the SPF. Wear your sunnies and your wide brim hat!

If you are someone who is struggling to treat melasma/hyperpigmentation, search no further, Skin2Soul has you covered! We are with you and we want you to have the skin you have always dreamed of. Here at Skin2Soul we offer an intensive line of medical grade skincare products as well as professional Venus Versa Laser Treatments, to help kick Melasma to the curb. IPL or Intense Pulsed Light works by heating the pigmented lesion, leaving the normal skin unharmed, then lifting that heated, damaged lesion to the surface of the skin, allowing your skin to proceed with its natural cell turnover rate. Temporarily leaving the lesion darkened, as your skin sheds, along with your old skin goes your pigmented lesion. This treatment along with a top notch skincare regimen including; a potent vitamin C serum, brightening day cream, SPF 30 and an effective Retinol at night will give you brand new skin! Typically 2-3 sessions are required and the results are a more even complexion, leaving you confident year round!


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