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I Love My Job

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I think we all could use a little reminder of this every once in awhile. It makes me smile to know that Skin2Soul does just that for me every single day. As a small business owner and certified Nurse Practitioner in Family Health, my years of experience in aesthetic medicine have given me the opportunity to find professional happiness.

I'm proud to bring you my practice, Skin2Soul, providing you anti-aging treatments in a professional and confidential setting – 3 of them to be exact! We are in Ithaca, Cortland and Binghamton to easily reach more of our patients. I understand and respect the privileged position it is to work closely with you to achieve your desired look. All of Skin2Soul’s aesthetic products are medical grade, FDA-approved and purchased directly from their specific manufacturer. I wouldn't have it any other way. No shortcuts. Just genuine results.

These results keep Skin2Soul bustling, and me motivated and on the lookout for new technology so that I can bring you the best of the best. Giving you the best is the joy I get. Your positive feedback is the best cherry on top there could ever be!

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